Cristiano Ronaldo best footballer of the XXI century in GSA

The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has been chosen as the best footballer of the 21st century so far at the Globe Soccer Awards held last Sunday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Among the finalists for that award were Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah and Ronaldinho. On the other hand, the “Team of the Century” award went to Real Madrid, while Josep Guardiola of Spain received the trophy as “Coach of the Century.”

The gala also presented awards in those categories to the best exponents of 2020. Polish striker Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich was chosen as the Player of the Year.

Reigning UEFA Champions League champion German Hans-Dieter Flick took home the trophy for the best manager of the year, while that club was voted the best team of 2020.

The Spanish Gerard Piqué and Iker Casillas were also awarded at the Globe Soccer Awards 2020. The FC Barcelona defender and the exporter for the Spanish team and Real Madrid were recognized for their successful sports careers.


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FIFA suspends 2021 U-20 and U-17 World Cups

Lausanne, Switzerland, Dec 24 (Prensa Latina) – The International Association Football Federation (FIFA) announced today the suspension of the 2021 editions of the U-20 and U-17 World Cups due to the global impact caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Given the cancellation of both events, FIFA named Indonesia and Peru, hosts of those tournaments next year, organizers of the 2023 versions.

According to the top football organization in the world, the organization of international competitions is a challenge given the travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

For this reason, FIFA maintained and still maintains contacts with the interested parties, including the member federations and the host confederations of those events scheduled for 2021.

‘In the framework of these consultations, it has become clear that the world situation has not normalized enough to be able to solve the challenges posed by the organization of both competitions, including the viability of the qualifying tournaments,’ said FIFA in a statement. .

In addition, the organization expressed its gratitude to the host federations, as well as the Indonesian and Peruvian authorities for their commitment to the competitions and for the preparations carried out to date.

According to FIFA, it hopes to maintain close collaboration with the two host nations to make the tournaments a success.

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Northern Ice. A shame on Canada

(December 27, updated December 29) – Canada routed Germany 16-2 in the “world” juniors hockey championship on December 26. The German team was missing six players including its top to goaltenders – one third of its roster – due to the covid pandemic. It had also played the night before, while Canada was playing its first game. Nevertheless, the game was not cancelled or postponed by the International Hockey Federation, being scheduled for the TSN Cable TV sports network [1] at primetime (6 p.m.) Saturday night. Continue reading

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Labour had its own baseball team a century ago. It defied racism

Meet three Longshoremen players who broke the sport’s colour line in Vancouver | TOM HAWTHORN


The ILA Longshoremen’s amateur baseball team pose with trophies at Powell Street grounds (Oppenheimer Park) on Aug. 20, 1920 | Stuart Thomson, City of Vancouver Archives.

On a pleasant late Friday afternoon in the summer of 1920, the best baseball players of the amateur city league gathered for a trophy presentation and an exhibition game. A temporary podium was placed atop the pitcher’s mound at the Powell Street Grounds (Oppenheimer Park) in Vancouver. A table draped in a Union Jack held three handsome trophies and a stack of boxes containing medals. Continue reading

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Cuban baseball: All out for development, but not at all costs

Baseball director addresses return of teams to the field for Cuba’s 60th National Series, and player eligibility for the season  | Oscar Sánchez Serra,

• Since August 1, ballplayers have been back on the field. As stipulated in the sports movement’s post-epidemic action plan, teams participating in the 60th National Series, which began September 12 also began training on that date. Continue reading

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Contracting of Cuban athletes abroad

The contracting of Cuban athletes in professional leagues abroad remains a priority, with a view toward positioning our players in top-level competitions, to gain experience and improve the country’s performance internationally

By Iris de la Cruz Saborit

(October 22) – In line with national policy intended to guarantee meeting the Cuban sports movement’s projections – especially in the Olympic cycle – and positioning our athletes in top-level competitions, the contracting of Cuban in professional leagues abroad remains a priority, but the performance achieved by our athletes has yet to be concretely expressed in Cuba’s international results. Continue reading

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‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’? Virtual technology to push sports industry into the next era

By Li Chenqi and Josh McNally

After a shutdown of exactly five months due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) restarted on the afternoon of June 20. But, like most of the other recently rebooted professional sports leagues in the world, there was no audience at the venue – even the cheerleaders could only perform via an LED screen beside the court. Continue reading

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Leather balls and 3,000-year-old pants hint at an ancient Asian sport

They were found in the Yanghai Tombs in modern-day Northern China | ISAAC SCHULTZ

The leather balls were found in different graves in Yanghai and two were marked with red crosses.

The leather balls were found in different graves in Yanghai and two were marked with red crosses.

(NOVEMBER 17, 2020) – A LITTLE OVER 3,000 YEARS ago, a roughly 40-year-old man was laid to rest in a cemetery in what is now the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. He was wearing fancy pants. Possibly the oldest trousers in the world, they had an enlarged crotch area, indicating he spent a lot of time on horseback. A pair of red leather boots completed the ancient ensemble.

But perhaps the most curious component of the grave was a leather ball, around the size of a human fist. Continue reading

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This election holds future of the world (or at least Saskatchewan) in the balance

By Neil deMause

This November, voters face a stark choice that will determine the entire direction of their future lives. And it could be a long wait for results, as election officials go through the long process of counting this year’s many mail-in ballots. Continue reading

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Troy Aikman, Joe Buck question value of military flyovers in comments caught on hot mic

A flyover gets Sunday’s game started in Charlotte in an empty stadium. The Seattle Seahawks played the Carolina Panthers Sunday, December 15 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. 212395 (Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

A flyover gets Sunday’s game started in Charlotte in an empty stadium. The Seattle Seahawks played the Carolina Panthers Sunday, October 15 at Bank of America Stadium. (Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

By Cindy BorenThe Washington Post

Flyovers by military jets have become a staple of sporting events, the roar of the planes nearly as much a part of pregame ceremonies as the playing of the national anthem. During an NFL game on Sunday, two Fox Sports commentators questioned their usefulness.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the No. 1 team on Fox’s NFL broadcasts, were caught in a hot-mic moment as four jets soared over Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, which was mostly empty because of crowd restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, before the Buccaneers’ game against the Green Bay Packers in Tampa. Continue reading

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