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This game was a match between two concepts: the concept of sports as the people’s right, and the concept of sports as a source of income and personal wealth

Speech given by President Fidel Castro at the reception for the Cuban sports delegation returning from Baltimore, held on the steps of the University of Havana, May 4, 1999, Year of the 40th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution

Dear comrades,

I knew that it would be difficult to escape the possibility of saying a few words in this ceremony and, in fact, there are a few things that I would discuss with you.

First of all, that for countless hours nobody here has slept. Nobody has slept – not for a minute – due to the excitement caused by that match yesterday. It was truly amazing with that cold, the rain, the interruption of the game and the difficulties all that created for the strategy and tactics of our team. Therefore, if you are a bit patient – and if some of you over there could keep quiet, even if you cannot hear well – then, there are a few things that I should say. Continue reading

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