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Will to win can corrupt

By MARY VALLIS, National Post

[Note: this article, while providing information of interest, nevertheless typically promotes the disinformation that it is parents, not the society, to be blamed for the problems coaches and youth are encountering. – TS]

(February 11, 2002) – BAD SPORTS coaching can encourage children to become dishonest and selfish adults, a new study suggests.

Dr. Darren Treasure, an exercise science professor at Arizona State University, says fostering a positive sports climate for youth is crucial to their moral development. Continue reading

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Running from Reebok’s hypocrisy


(February 7, 2002) – RIGHT TILL the end of January, Dita Sari was preparing to fly from her home near Jakarta to Salt Lake City to bask today in the admiration of assorted do-gooders and celebrities mustered by Reebok. The occasion is the 13th annual Human Rights Awards, overseen by a board that includes Jimmy Carter and Kerry Kennedy Cuomo.

Make no mistake, the folks who get these awards all have been fine organizers and activists, committed to working for minorities, the disenfranchised, the disabled, the underdogs in our wicked world. Continue reading

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