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Letters replying to ‘Amateur sport – an election issue’

29 January 2006

Dear Tony

The article “Amateur Sport – An Election Issue” brought a phone call from Errol Townsend, the President of the Ontario Cricket Association.

The first question he asked was related to our newly-minted relationship. He was fascinated that I would pick up the phone and call you to talk cricket. He was howling with laughter about the reaction in the sacred halls of the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club. You would know that he is essentially persona non grata at ‘the club’, as to an extent am I. He because of his colour, and me for my non-compliance with accepting the status quo of the administration of ‘our game’ at the national level.

Being a lawyer, (recently retired from the Immigration Appeal Board), Errol took on the task of moving a motion of non-confidence in the 1st VP of the CCA. The motion failed, and so we are stuck with inertia and secrecy from the club triumvirate which hold the locus of power in the CCA, as the Executive Committee.

Yes, the topic of Marxist-Leninst politics was spoken about. We will have lunch together tomorrow, as we are attending the AGM of the Toronto and District Cricket Association, and you would know that, given politics and cricket being inseparable, we will be talking about how we can get you to the next CCA AGM. Your presence sure would change the dynamics.

I am doing a cricket walkabout in the west for four weeks this summer. I have penciled in a Montreal – East Coast trip for 2007.

Please thank your journalist friend (Sam MacLean) for his fine article. It has been very well received.


Jon Harris, Editor

* * *

Dear Mr. Seed,

I just read a little information on your sporting ideals and I must say that I find it very refreshing to say the least.

As a father of two young daughters I have shied away from organized sport for them because I can’t deal with the “winning is everything” attitude expressed by coaches and parents.

Even at the school level there should be no such thing as kids “warming the pine,” so to speak, on their intramural volleyball squad. What ever happened to the rotational aspect of playing where their was no such thing as “substitute” players at the mere hint of someone playing at a lesser level?

My daughters though have excelled (in their minds and mine) in some of the other solitary sports where the only competition is to improve and compete with yourself.

I am about to embarque on my own uphill battle as perhaps the only cricket bat maker in Canada and perhaps North America. I love the game with it’s traditions of fair play and acknowledgment of skills displayed regardless of win or lose. With my love of woodworking I am hoping that I can help better the skills of players by being able to offer custom-made bats specific to the players needs. If can help some underprivaleged kids with some equipment needs I will be happy to do so

Mark Warburton,

Aurora Cricket Bat Company,

Aurora, Ontario

Mark Warburton <>

* * *

I really enjoyed the article on you…”Senator”. I had no idea about The Hockey News.

The key thing I’ve taken away from the article, and other news reports is how little money is directed by government agencies for sports and recreation. It is worse down here, I think; although there is money, it is always targeted for the “elite” athletes. The amount of public money that is designated to assist in building “pro” stadiums and arenas is disgusting when you realize how much for the public that money could buy. You don’t see many public facilities anymore, there are always “fundraisers” put on by private organizations. I was reading the other day how the Maple Leafs were donating money to outdoor rinks in Toronto to upgrade them, there was another article by Steve Simmons lamenting the state of the municipal rinks and how there hasn’t been a new one in years.


Marty Seed

Atlanta, Ga

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Amateur sport – an election issue

Politics makes for strange bedfellows – even in cricket.

The Senator from the Halifax Commons.

The securing of the right of citizens to participate in amateur sport and recreation as a basic human right, rather than a policy objective of this or that government, a privilege accorded to the elite, is also one of his election themes.


Special to Canada Cricket Online, Posted Monday, January 23, 2006

HALIFAX (19 January 2006) – “It ain’t cricket,” says Tony Seed, Halifax candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.

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