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Sports, war and sponsorship – Valcartier soldiers at Alouettes game

• Quebec Says No to Canada’s Participation in U.S.-Led War in Afghanistan!

• Sports, War and Sponsorship: Valcartier Soldiers at the Alouettes Game – Collectif Échec à la guerre

• Open Letter to Soldiers of Valcartier

TML Daily, June 21, 2007 – No. 101

Quebec Says No to Canada’s Participation in U.S.-Led War in Afghanistan! End the Occupation! Bring the Troops Home Now! Dismantle NATO!

TML Daily expresses its militant support for the demonstration called for Quebec City on Friday against the war in Afghanistan and Canada’s participation in it.

Approximately 2,500 soldiers, mostly from the Royal 22nd Regiment (the Vandoos) from Canadian Forces Base Valcartier near Quebec City, begin deployment to Afghanistan on July 15. The military is planning a huge parade through Quebec City to promote the mission. Continue reading

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The crisis in Canadian basketball

Here is my first and last “letter to the editor”, sent to the Halifax Daily News, 15 June 2007, at the request of colleague and prominent sportswriter A.J. Walling. I’m told by Alex that numerous other letters were also sent. The Transcontinental Inc.-owned Daily News is a media sponsor of the Halifax Rainmen franchise of the American Basketball League. None of the letters were published. – TONY SEED

HALIFAX – SOME sober questions arise from Alex J Walling’s well-researched and provocative article on the American Basketball League which is desperately trying to expand into Canada (“The ABA is a league full of holes,” 11 June 2007). Mr Walling is a veteran sports journalist, independent freelancer and columnist. He carried this investigation entirely on his own initiative and time. Continue reading

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Militarization of culture: crisis in Canadian hockey

TML Daily, June 11, 2007No. 94

SEVERAL THINGS do not sit well with the direction of Canadian hockey. U.S. continentalism and other factors have overwhelmed Canadian hockey and is wrenching it from its national base and destroying its connection with the social fibre of the country.

The Memorial Cup tournament took place in Vancouver from May 19 to May 27 but something was wrong and something was missing. This hockey tournament has been a permanent fixture in Canada since 1919. It originated as a Canadian youth tournament in memory of the 60,000 young Canadians who perished in World War I. Continue reading

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The ABA is a league full of holes

Teams often fail to turn up, pay players a pittance, and disappear without notice. (See also the companion article, “The Crisis in Canadian Basketball” by Tony Seed, on this website)


HALIFAX (11 June 2997) – THE STORY is like taking a car trip across Canada. You never know what will take place along the journey, and you may never reach the end.

The Halifax Rainmen are slated to launch their professional life this November in the American Basketball Association.

Last week, they started selling season tickets. Continue reading

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Mexican Soccer Federation for anti-doping tests in Cuba

MEXICO, (30 May 2007) PL – The anti-doping tests on the members of Mexico’s national soccer team will be made in Cuba instead of the United States, La Aficion reported on Wednesday.

“The Mexican Soccer Federation does not want any more surprises,” said the sports tabloid of the newspaper Milenio, when commenting on the decision to send the tests to Cuba. Continue reading

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