Mexican Soccer Federation for anti-doping tests in Cuba

MEXICO, (30 May 2007) PL – The anti-doping tests on the members of Mexico’s national soccer team will be made in Cuba instead of the United States, La Aficion reported on Wednesday.

“The Mexican Soccer Federation does not want any more surprises,” said the sports tabloid of the newspaper Milenio, when commenting on the decision to send the tests to Cuba.

After Salvador Carmona was suspended for life when he tested positive during a FIFA test, the Mexican Soccer Federation and the team’s doctors, headed by Roberto Rodriguez, decided to send the tests to a Cuban laboratory, according to the report.

La Aficion noted that the Cuban lab was certified by both the Federation of International Football Associations and the World Anti-doping Agency.

The Havana lab will receive the samples, so the Mexican Soccer Federation will break its relation with the University of California at Los Angeles, said the newspaper.

The reason why it is more viable to test the players for doping in Cuba is that results return rapidly and it is cheaper than at UCLA.

Mexico’s national team, known as Tri, is training for the Gold Cup and the Americas Cup, to be held in the United States and Venezuela, respectively.

Prensa Latina

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