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Alberta to allow sports version of hijab in women’s soccer

CALGARY – THE Alberta Soccer Association has lifted its temporary ban on Muslim head scarves that prevented some girls from playing the sport. The ban was imposed earlier this month after a referee barred a 14-year-old girl from wearing the traditional scarf, or hijab, during a game in Calgary. The organization that oversees soccer in the province said it could pose a safety risk to the person wearing it, if were grabbed by another player. The association’s board says it has reviewed the matter and decided it will allow a sports-type version of the scarf. That version contains a Velcro strap under the chin and is permitted by the Canadian Soccer Association. The association says sports hijabs will be allowed on the field as long as they have been inspected by the referee before a game begins. (CFFR)

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Rich states poach former Yugoslavia’s sporting talent

Governments in the region are waking up late to the need for action to halt the flight of their future champions.

By Milorad Ivanović in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb and London

Ana Ivanović

(December 10, 2007) – TENS OF THOUSANDS of Belgraders gave a heroes’ welcome to Serbia’s tennis prodigies, Ana Ivanović, Jelena Janković and Novak Đoković, following their stunning performances at the French Open in June 2007.

Little did many know that their sporting idols might just as easily have brought joy to fans in Britain, Australia, or some other country, as all three have received lucrative offers to change citizenship. Ivanović’s father, Miroslav, says his daughter has turned down many, including one from Australia. Continue reading

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