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Tragedy in Bathurst


HALIFAX (31 January 2008) – SOME teams wear black armbands. Some players wear their teammate’s number on their shoe. Just before tip-off that Sunday afternoon, John Prince, generally a man of few words, stepped into the circle, briefly explained a tragedy that had just occurred the night before in Bathurst, New Brunswick, and asked for a moment’s silence. Continue reading

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An Egyptian soccer star shames US sports millionaires

Egyptian player Mohamed Aboutrika wore a tee shirt reading “Sympathize with Gaza” in Arabic and English. Aboutrika flashed the shirt after he scored his first goal in view of cameras and millions of spectators throughout the world which prompted the referee to slap him with yellow warning card for violating the FIFA rules which prohibit religious and political slogans during the games, although the phrase is more humanitarian than political.


IN A WORLD where mainstream media dumb down news reportage with inane sports metaphors, sometimes it takes sports to remind us of the gravity of the actual news. While the press acts like extras on Gossip Girl as they assess the latest machinations of Bill, Barack and Hillary, a soccer player has alerted the world to a humanitarian catastrophe. Continue reading

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