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2010 Olympics – No to the militarization of Vancouver!

TML Daily, January 27, 2010 – No. 19

Demonstration against police repression during the Olympics, Vancouver, January 22, 2010

VANCOUVER is rapidly being militarized. On January 22, fighter jets roared overhead. The following day a cruise ship housing military and police forces dropped anchor in English Bay. The Canadian Forces have also deployed an air balloon to conduct aerial surveillance, similar to ones used by occupation forces in Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip. Continue reading


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Cuban sportspeople slam U.S. terror-sponsor countries list

CUBA, Jan 13, 2010. – The Cuban sports institute issued an official statement on Wednesday slamming the inclusion of Cuba by the United States in a so-called list of terrorism- sponsor countries. Continue reading

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Angola to host Africa Cup of Nations


MOST LIKELY, the Western media will not cover the event or its host country, but Angola – its history, struggle for independence, and exploitation by European and American imperial powers – is worth studying. Continue reading

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