Cuban sportspeople slam U.S. terror-sponsor countries list

CUBA, Jan 13, 2010. – The Cuban sports institute issued an official statement on Wednesday slamming the inclusion of Cuba by the United States in a so-called list of terrorism- sponsor countries.

The vice president of the Cuban National Institute of Sports and Recreation (INDER), Alberto Juantorena told ACN that the document urges the U.S. government to immediately remove Cuba from the list and rejects the hostile policy maintained by that country against the island throughout half a century.

“Cuba has demonstrated to be against war and terrorism, while other countries export war and attack others like Afghanistan, Iran, Granada, Panama and Guatemala,” Juantorena said.

“Cuba exports health, welfare, collaboration,” Juantorena noted and mentioned that thousands of young people from different latitudes are studying in the island thanks to scholarship programs promoted by as gestures of solidarity by island.

“How it is possible that a country that defends the human rights and encourages equality amongst nations like Cuba is accused of terrorism, when the northern nation [U.S.] has kept five Cubans in prison for 11 years now for fighting terrorism against the island and even the United States,” said Juantorena, who was twice Olympic champion of Montreal in 1976.

“We have been attacked in several occasions,” he said making reference to the U.S-led mercenary invasion of Bay of Pigs in 1961 and the crime of Barbados in October 1976, in which 73 innocent people were killed, including Cuba’s Central American champion fencing team.

“There is a long history of crimes against the island nation. If there is a country that has suffered terrorism, it is Cuba,” Juantorena said. (Cubaminrex – acn)


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