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Montreal: Fee increases for recreation, sports, cultural, community facilities


AFTER reducing investments in parks, culture, sports and recreation, and road transport by $335 million, Montreal Gerard Mayor Tremblay’s office has announced increases in access fees for city facilities.

At the Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard, sports organizations and federations face an increase of $160 per hour for access to the tracks and an increase of $70 per hour for the double gym. The fee for the artificial outdoor soccer fields will increase by $120 per game. There is talk that the fee for using the swimming pool will increase by $100, or an increase of 20 per cent for 2010. Continue reading

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Canada group makes medals its business


(February 12, 2010) – Canada’s drive to win Olympic gold at home, a goal that eluded it in two prior Games, has a secret weapon this time.

It is a reclusive group of business leaders that provides a select group of Olympic hopefuls with special assistance, from the latest equipment to sports psychologists. B2ten it is called. Continue reading


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How you spend your money: Let us together fight for human-centred sporting events!

TML Daily, February 12, 2010

THE character of a person and state is revealed by how they spend their money. The spending of the state on big events dominated by the international financial oligarchy such as the Olympics reflects the capital-centred character of the Canadian state. In contrast, the spending of a human-centred state would concentrate first on its social responsibilities to increase spending on social programs, public services and the socialized economy on which all Canadians depend. Continue reading

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Vocal Native artist removed from Olympic Artisan Village for refusing censorship

First Perspective, February 11, 2010

A LOCAL Aboriginal art producer, critical of the Olympics’ Aboriginal Licensing and Merchandising Program has been informed he cannot participate in the Olympic Artisan Village unless he allows approval of his communications regarding the Olympics. “One week before we were meant to open shop they blindsided us with a contract stating we would submit for approval any communications, including publications, press releases, website copy or collateral material, produced referencing the 2010 Winter Games,” said Shain Jackson, a former Aboriginal rights lawyer Continue reading

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Be a good sport and try to forget the $8-billion price tag

By VAUGHN PALMER, Vancouver Sun

(February 11, 2010) – Before they light the cauldron to open the Winter Games on Friday, one last look at the greatest of all international sporting events, the dodgy business of underestimating the costs and overestimating the benefits of the Olympics.

Dec. 12, 1997. “The Winter Olympics make money,” according to organizers of the just-getting-off-the-ground bid to bring the 2010 Games to Vancouver. But to be on the safe side, they need an “investment” of $100 million from government. Tops. Continue reading

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The challenge

Olympian CLARA HUGHES* – the satisfaction you feel about an athletic performance has more to do with the challenges you face and your personal performance than whether you win or lose.

I GET ASKED about winning often. As an Olympic athlete, I learned early in my sporting life that this is what most people are interested in. After four Olympic Games, two summer and two winter in cycling and speed skating, respectively, I’ve witnessed countless performances that I consider amazing. You know what? Most of these ‘amazing’ races do not involve winning medals. Continue reading

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A review of the 2010 Torch trajectory: Torch sparks action nationwide

Montreal, December 10, 2009

By SHAILAGH KEANEY*, The Dominion, February 3, 2010

MONTREAL (December 10, 2009) – On October 30, 2009, the Olympic Torch was ignited in Canada and set out on its 106-day relay. A “unique moment in Canadian history” when people can “feel the Olympic Spirit and reach for gold,” according to major Olympic-backer Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), the cross-country tour has aimed to build hype for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Continue reading

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