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For love of the game

Softball team forfeits game for the RIGHT reason Marshall softball players Antanai Coleman, left, and Taylor Stigger try on catching gear with the help of Roncalli junior varsity coach Jeff Traylor.


(May 25, 2010) – WE LIVE in a world where Peyton Manning walks off the Super Bowl field without shaking anybody’s hand. Where Tiger Woods leaves the Masters without a word of thanks to the fans or congratulations to the winner. Where NFL lineman Albert Haynesworth kicks a man’s helmetless head without a thought.

So if you think sportsmanship is toast, this next story is an all-you-can-eat buffet to a starving man. Continue reading

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Europe is draining Africa of football talent

Extensive research into trafficking of young African players reveals that such major European clubs as Manchester United and Chelsea systematically use loopholes in the regulation to recruit youth players from the African continent, leaving up to 20,000 former footballers living on the streets of European cities. Continue reading


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Gaza Strip opens its own version of World Cup

Players of Palestine and “a foreign team” compete during the opening football match on the first day of Gaza’s version of the World Cup, in Gaza City, on May 2, 2010. The Gaza Strip kicked off its own version of the World Cup with teams of Palestinian footballers and foreigners representing foreign countries on Sunday. The trophy is made out of twisted metal and rubble from last year’s bloody invasion by Israel. Continue reading

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