Palestinian women start all female car racing team

THE Speed Sisters are a team of eight Palestinian women race car drivers.  The women have entered a popular race called “Speed Test” where souped-up cars race around a track, weaving their way around obstacles and spinning circles around others. Along the way, the women are crashing through stereotypes.

It’s another step for Palestinian women who have been claiming more positions of influence in occupied Palestine. This year, the first female Palestinian governor was appointed to oversee the West Bank district of Ramallah. The mayor of the district’s main city is a woman, as are four ministers in the Palestinian Cabinet.

Speed Test began in the West Bank in 2005. Races take place throughout the territory that is ruled by Israel, with Palestinians administering parts of it. Palestinians want the land — about the size of Connecticut — as part of a future state.

In 2005, only one woman participated — the Speed Sisters’ coach, 39-year-old Suna Awedia.

The British-backed team is made of up of women from 18 to 39 years-old.

The all-female team is a first for the “Speed Test” event. Contact the Speed Sisters if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or become a fan on Facebook to follow their activities.

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