UN: Cuba condemns sport talent theft

[20 October 2010] – In the United Nations, Cuba condemned the theft of sports talent suffered by underdeveloped nations and repeated its opposition to athletic activities where money is the only reward.

It also vindicated the right of nations of the South to host the Olympic Games, and assured that the 2016 event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, would be a success for that entire region.

This position was expressed on Monday by Cuba’s acting permanent representative to the UN, Rodolfo Benitez, in a speech during a debate in the General Assembly on the subject Sports for Peace and Development.

The diplomat assured that sports activities strengthen solidarity and friendship between the peoples as an indispensable element for the promotion of peace, development and cooperation between nations.

He recalled that since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, sports were no longer exclusive and became a right for all people, making possible to achieve important successes in the international arena.

Benitez explained that in his country, the education system established incorporated physical education as an integral part of educating human beings in every stage.

In Cuba, sports training starts at an early age, making it possible to promote talents that will yield future athletes to take to even higher levels what has been achieved in the international arena, he said.

Benitez pointed to the collaboration provided by Cuban sports to many countries of the south through technicians, professors and trainers to influence sports education that helps to increase results and massive participation.

In addition he mentioned Cuba’s Institute of Sports Medicine and anti-doping laboratory and its International School of Physical Education and Sports.

PL Translation Staff

Source: http://www.cubaheadlines.com/2010/10/20/27257/in_un_cuba_condemns_sport_talent_theft.html#ixzz1JszSvclJ

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