Cry a blue tear, Cherry

Interesting excerpt from remarks to The Globe and Mail by Johnny Bower, the last goalie of a Stanley-Cup-winning Maple Leafs squad:

…What message does a pullout send to the world about Canada’s commitment?

We’ve been there all the time. Whatever happens, Canada is always there. We never fail to send men no matter wherever it is. They do their chores. I think our fellows have been there long enough and I don’t know if they’re ever going to beat these guys. Russia tried and they didn’t succeed. Bring ’em all back. When they’re gone, they’ll have their own people there. They’ll just have to take over and fight [for] themselves.

Could that thinking not have been applied in Europe during the Second World War? Leave the Poles, French, Belgians and Dutch to fight their own war?

No, they fought right there. They fought to the end against Germany.

The Afghan mission has become unpopular. The majority of Canadians do not support it. But should Canada’s mission be run with an eye to poll results?

They say that they are going to pull the Canadians out. I got a funny feeling that something’s going to happen and that they’re going to stay there for a little longer. In a fighting role. That’s politics. …

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