Vermont: NATO obstacle course training for military ‘Olympics’

COLCHESTER, Vt. (July 22, 2011) – Four military athletes got an extreme workout in scorching heat on the NATO Land Obstacle Course at Camp Johnson, it’s one of three of its kind in the United States. They are competing for spots on the U.S. team for a global military competition.

“I learned really early in life not to be a weak female,” Airman 1st Class Ziven Drake said.

Drake’s the only woman vying for a spot to represent the United States next week in Poland at at the Inter Allied Officers of the Reserve (CIOR) Military Competition. The athletes are tested on their endurance from five obstacle courses. From there, coaches will determine who will travel to Warsaw.

“We hope to take everyone, but we do want the best representation for the United States that we can possibly get,” SEAL Cmdr. Grant Staats said.

The competitors went through 12 weeks of training at Camp Johnson. During that time, trainers judged their mental and physical abilities.

Source: Military Members Brave NATO Obstacle Course, WPTZ,

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