UN: Cuba warns against mercantilism in sports

UNITED NATIONS (October 19, 2011) — Cuba warned in the United Nations that the benefits of sports for the well-being and health of the people are hampered when mercantilism and business prevail and only a small minority can have access to it.

Cuba also voiced its opposition to sports as a way to make money and denounced the purchase of talent by developed nations, which deprives developing countries of their best sportspeople.

Cuba’s position was made public Monday to the UN General Assembly during a debate on the topic Sports for Peace and Development: building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal.

In its address to the session, the Cuban delegation spoke about the collaboration in sports Cuba gives to several countries. Cuba has signed several bilateral agreements with different countries to send technicians, professors and coaches to increase the practice of sport by the population in those countries.

In this sense, the delegation also mentions the Cuban specialized facilities that provide services to the South countries such as the Cuban Institute of Sports Medicine and the Anti Doping Laboratory.

The delegation also highlighted the work of the International Sports and Physical Education that trains specialists.

They also defended the right of developing countries to host major international sports events, especially the Olympic Games, and predicted that the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 will be a total victory for the South countries.

Prensa Latinia


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