Play the Game launches website on good governance

THE credibility of international sport is challenged almost on a daily basis by reports on corruption and mismanagement, whitewashing, match-fixing, embezzlement, the degradation of sportsmanship and other forms of cheating. Many of the stories are directly or indirectly related to the international organisations that represent hundreds of millions of athletes and their multinational imperialist sponsors. An ever-deepening and unprecedented credibility crisis has energed.

“How can we improve the governance standards of these organisations?” This is the question that Play the Game/the Danish Institute for Sports Studies is addressing in cooperation with six European universities and the European Journalism Centre in the project ‘Action for Good Governance in International Sports Organisations’ which has been funded by the European Commission.

Visit their good governance theme page to learn more about the project and governance in international sports organisations.

The website for Play the Game – – is replete with informative documentation both on the conference and in-depth articles on topical issues in international sports.

A serious limitation, in my view, is that in their discourse on governance and reform they do not address the need of promoting the social and democratic spaces for people to participate or sport as a democratic right.

– Tony Seed

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