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Famed Cuban hurdler Juantorena in IAAF Hall of Fame

[Granma] – DURING the World Gala, the final event of the November 24-25 celebration in Barcelona marking the International Association of Athletics Federation’s 100th anniversary, the 2012 Athletes of the Year were named and the Association’s Hall of Fame was officially opened with 24 initial members.

Jamaican Usain Bolt and Allyson Felix from the United States were recognized as 2012 Athletes of the Year. Continue reading

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Lockout: Antitrust case to proceed against NHL, U.S. sports oligopolies

A group of US hockey fans seeking greater access to NHL broadcasts is suing the NHL. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

A group of US hockey fans seeking greater access to NHL broadcasts is suing the NHL. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

U.S. sports fans can pursue antitrust case over monopolization of programs. – Reuters

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and the owners are crying a blue river that they locked out some 730 players and shut down the hockey league “in the interests of fans and growing the game.” According to a Reuters report (see below), a U.S. federal court judge, however, has just ruled that a lawsuit can proceed that asserts that the NHL and other U.S. sports oligolies are conspiring against fans. By restricting more widely available game telecasts, the league “is able to charge monopoly pricing and limit the choices available to consumers.”

Along with the NHL, the defendants in the case over broadcasting of games include Major League Baseball, several teams in both sports, cable TV company Comcast Corp, satellite TV provider DirecTV, Madison Square Garden Co and some regional sports networks.

“The judge did dismiss claims that Comcast, DirecTV and the sports networks conspired to monopolize markets, while allowing similar claims against Major League Baseball and the NHL to proceed.”

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), which owns the Maple Leafs and Maple Leaf TV along with franchises in Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer and the American Hockey League, is listed as a defendant, as are the NHL’s other 29 franchises. MLSE is co-owned by the two media monopolies Bell Canada and Rogers Communications with Larry Tannebaum a minority owner.

The monopoly media is typically portraying the NHL lockout as one of “billionaires vs millionaires.” This diversion aims to divert attention of fans from the culpability and criminal practices of private capital in the sphere of sports. The U.S. lawsuit, at the time of writing, has not been reported in Canada. The  lawsuit provides additional evidence that the central issue in the NHL’s self-serving and brutal lockout of the professional athletes is the defence of monopoly right and the maximization of profit. – Tony Seed Continue reading

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For your information: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)

Overview, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Cropped_brain_injuryBy TERRY ZEIGLER*


CINCINNATI BENGALS RECEIVER CHRIS HENRY (age 26) had suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) before he died tragically in December 2009, media attention is once again focused on the possible long term effects of multiple concussions on the brain. Co-directors of the Brain Injury Research Institute at West Virginia, Julian Bailes, neurosurgeon, and Bennet Omalu, California medical examiner, made the stunning announcement earlier this year (Los Angeles Times, 2010).

Stunning because Henry was only 26 years old at the time of his death, yet his brain already showed the pathophysiological effects of CTE. This case provides more evidence to the growing data showing that repetitive blows to the brain may permanently alter the brain. Continue reading


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Study finds another link between sports head injuries and brain deterioration


NY Times –  THE GROWING EVIDENCE of a link between head trauma and long-term, degenerative brain disease was amplified in an extensive study of athletes, military veterans and others who absorbed repeated hits to the head, according to new findings published in the scientific journal Brain. Continue reading

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Friendship first: Marabana 2012 – An undisputed people’s celebration

Marabana Havana Marathon runners. Image: Alejandro Ernesto

Marabana is Cuba’s most popular marathon, held on the third Sunday of November. It contains both a half marathon and a marathon in a circuit around the most central avenues in Havana, starting and finishing in Old Havana. Both circuits are certified by the AIMS/IASF. The half marathon is 21 km and 97.50 m, while the marathon is 42 km and 195 m. Image: Alejandro Ernesto.


HAVANA (Nov 15, 2012) – ONCE again, the Cuban capital served as the scene of the legendary Marabana marathon, which reached its 26th edition this year with more than 2,700 participants, approximately 300 of them from other parts of the world.

This last piece of information confirms visitors’ high level of acceptance of the event, earned on its own merit. As Carlos Gattorno, general director of the Marabana-Maracuba project would say, “it’s more than running, it’s Cuba.” Not to mention the fraternal links created among runners to contribute to one of the race’s clear objectives, to build bridges of friendship and solidarity among all peoples, without distinction of any kind. Continue reading

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European footballers declare support for Palestine

rubble of the Palestine Sports Stadium in Gaza City Mahumd Hamsmah:AFP:Getty Images

Rubble of the Palestine Sports Stadium in Gaza City (Mahumd Hamsmah | AFP:Getty Images)

DOZENS of leading footballers have signed a statement protesting UEFA’s decision to stage the European under-21 championship in Israel next year following the country’s recent military offensive against Gaza.

Sixty-two players, including Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, Arsenal’s Abou Diaby and Paris Saint-Germain’s Jeremy Menez and Didier Drogba, now playing with Shanghaï Shenhua (China), claim that Israel hosting the tournament will be “seen as a reward for actions that are contrary to sporting values.” Continue reading

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