Edmonton still trying to raid every available fund to cobble together Oilers arena subsidy

060501-MayDayWindsorStopPayingtheRichBy NEIL deMAUSE, fieldofschemes.com

GIVE Edmonton elected officials credit: They’re not giving up on finding ways to shovel more arena money at Oilers owner Daryl Katz just because the province of Alberta won’t give them any and because it’s a pretty terrible idea. The latest plan: Get the neighbouring communities on the Capital Region Board to ask the province to kick in $25 million from its Regional Collaboration Program, which is supposed to be used for capacity-building programs for local governments, but hey, potato, potahto, right?

Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs Doug Griffiths responded (in the CBC’s paraphrase) that “he is glad to see the region working together to support the arena project, however, he added it could be months before the province makes a decision on the matter.” If Alberta does approve this money, after adding in $45 million from the city’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative fund it would only leave Edmonton $30 million short on its $100 million arena funding gap … or $44 million short if it’s really a $114 million funding gap … or more than that short if it’s true that Katz isn’t really putting in as much money as he claims he is. The CBC reports that Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel “said he has some ideas where the city will make up the cash, but would not yet give any details.” Can’t hardly wait!


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