Proposed manager of Markham arena with no sports team says arenas can’t survive without sports teams


Oh, this is embarrassing:

A key partner in the proposed $325-million arena in Markham, which doesn’t have a main tenant, has downplayed a remark by the company’s chairman who indicated big sports and entertainment centres need major pro teams to ensure financial success.

That’s right, sports fans: Comcast-Spectacor (aka Global Spectrum) chair Peter Luukko told the Associated Press regarding the Phoenix Coyotes arena, which his company will operate under the terms of the team’s new owners’ new lease with Glendale, that “for any arena or stadium in a major market to be successful, it needs to have a major league sports team.” That’s the same Comcast-Spectacor that wants to manage the proposed Markham arena that was approved in January despite having no major-league sports tenant. It’s shouldn’t be an exactly surprising or controversial statement, given that Comcast-Spectacor’s competitors Live Nation had previously said that a Markham arena couldn’t work without the guarantee of a major pro sports team. But it is embarrassing, especially since, as Markham deputy mayor Jack Heath put it, “You can’t be selling one message in Phoenix and another one in Markham.” Oh, can’t you now? Clearly, Mr. Heath, you don’t know anything about the arena game.

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