Robben confessed penalty unfair, says Mexico captain


Robben collapsed theatrically like a sack of potatoes under a questionable challenge from Rafael Marquez, causing Mexico coach Miguel Herrera to blame his team’s loss on referee Pedro Proenca. Robben dived three times | AFP Photo


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2 responses to “Robben confessed penalty unfair, says Mexico captain

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I did not read about this elsewhere. I do not watch enough football to make a distinct call on the play. But from what I saw, Not just in this game, is that Robben exaggerates far too much. It is unsportsmanlike as it forces the referee to make a decision involving the reaction, not solely the action of the play. I am unsure if this play was a penalty or not. I just hate the fact that Mexico’s run had to end like this. It was a terrible end to a wonderful match!! I would love to see players who dive get yellow cards more frequently in an effort to minimize this strategy. It wasn’t that Robben did this here. It is that he did this a half dozen times that leads to this unfortunate ending.


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