Note from Fidel regarding his June 23 message to Maradona

Source: Granma International

fidel 5Yesterday I wrote Diego Armando Maradona, a renowned Argentine leading figure in the history of football, who via Telesur has offered us his opinions about the development of the world football competition.

As a sports fan, I sent a message to the Argentine star, who has additionally been an excellent friend of the Revolutions in Venezuela and Cuba.

Learning of the message, party comrades responsible for public information suggested that I publish my comments to Maradona. I responded that I preferred to send them directly to Maradona, without giving them any official publicity. I was not obliged to refrain from doing so, because of that.

Of course, numerous agencies have mentioned the message in their dispatches and, as is the rule, the reactions tend to be those which represent the interests of our adversaries.

In the world of instantaneous electronic communication, the most technologically advanced agencies rapidly disseminate their news, regardless of its content. However, other more important news items exist, which are not even released.

An example. Today, Tuesday, June 24, the web site Russia Today reported that Higgs particle theorists assert that the universe should not exist.

Recognized British cosmologists stated, “After the Big Bang, the universe should have collapsed in a matter of microseconds.

“… Robert Hogan, of King’s College in London stated that during the time of the early universe, they expected cosmic inflation. That was a rapid enlargement of the universe just after the Big Bang. This growth created a large shake-up which could make the entire universe collapse.

“… With this data, Hogan and physicist Malcolm Fairbairn, also from King’s College in London, attempted to recreate the conditions of this cosmic inflation after the Big Bang.”

I use just a few of the lines relating to the topic, but I take the liberty of asking: Why do those who inform the people not publish one line about what the world’s most important scientific centers know about what occurred, or could occur, in the universe?

Attached below  is the message I sent to Diego Armando Maradona.

I beg your pardon for the time I have taken with these lines.

Fidel Castro Ruz

June 24, 2014

5:15 p.m.

Fidel’s Message to Maradona

Unforgettable friend:

Everyday I have the pleasure of following your program on Telesur, about the Football World Cup. Thanks to that, I have been able to observe the extraordinary level reached by this universal sport.

Fidel and Maradona during a Havana meeting in 2013. Photo: Archive Cubadebate.

I do not believe it is possible to offer youth an adequate education, in any country, without sports; and in the specific case of boys, without the inclusion of football.

I am a politician, but as a boy, adolescent and young man, I was a sports athlete, and devoted the largest part of my free time to this honorable practice.

Maradona with Fidel on Cuban television program Mesa Redonda in October, 2005. Photo: Archive Cubadebate.

I admire your conduct for numerous reasons. I had the privilege of meeting you when the most just ideas of our people triumphed, and no power could suppress them.

Nothing strengthened our relationship as Latin Americans to this degree. You have overcome difficult challenges as an athlete and as a young man of humble origins. I likewise salute Messi, a formidable athlete who brings glory to the noble people of Argentina. Nothing can take away the glory and prestige you two have, despite the mean-spirited efforts of gossipers.

Maradona and Víctor Hugo on Telesur’s De Zurda program. Telesur

I congratulate Telesur, as well, for brightening this hot summer and I fraternally salute, as I have you, the excellent, prestigious footballers of Our America, without, of course, forgetting the magnificent, visionary Víctor Hugo Morales, who discovered your ability and who has promoted the noble value of the sport, and the Argentine people who you honorably represent.

Of course, Diego, I will never forget our friendship, and the support you always showed the Bolivarian leader Hugo Chávez, a promoter of sports, the Latin American Revolution, and subjugated peoples of the world.


Fidel Castro Ruz

June 23, 2014

5: 36 p.m. 


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