‘Moral’ Zionists target Lionel Messi

Argentinian-Barcelona soccer star expressed sympathy for fallen youth.


Argentina’s Lionel Messi demonstrates his respect for the late Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela


Lionel Messi’s expression of sympathy for children killed during Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza has elicited a perfidious counter-campaign by Zionists, exploiting the death of Daniel Tragerman, the four-year-old Nahal Oz resident killed by a mortar on August 22.

“As a father and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, I am terribly saddened by the images coming from the conflict between Israel and Palestine, where violence has already claimed so many young lives and to injure countless children,” Messi had posted on his Facebook page on August 7.

“Children did not create this conflict, but they are paying the ultimate price. This cycle of senseless violence must stop. We must reflect on the consequences of military conflicts and children must be protected.”

Until then, the Zionist hasbara or propaganda front had been conspicuously silent about the humanitarian statement of Messi, selected as the Most Valuable Player of the World Cup 2014. However, no sooner the young Israeli was killed than the Zionists went into action using newspapers and social media to exploit his unfortunate death.

Tragerman, the first Israeli child to be killed in the conflict since it erupted in early July, was a fan of Barcelona, Messi’s team. Israeli newspapers selected an image of the boy wearing a shirt of Argentina’s national soccer team, of which Messi is a member, to highlight.

Moral relativism?

Civilians rushed to help after explosions hit a beach where children were playing in Gaza City. Four Palestinian boys died | Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Civilians rushed to help after explosions hit a beach where children were playing in Gaza City. Four Palestinian boys died | Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

The moral superiority of the Zionists is precious. Over 600 Palestinian children have been slaughtered as well as UN schools bombed, yet the total number of Israeli civilians killed is less than ten.

Far from being “collateral damage,” four Palestinian children playing football on the Gazan beach were systematically killed on July 15 by two “surgical” missile strikes from the self-styled “most moral army in the world” – witnessed by large numbers of international reporters quartered at an oceanside hotel. Israel had identified them as so-called “terrorists.”

That massacre was justified by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In a personal statement, he falsely declared that the Palestinian government of Gaza headed by Hamas was “deliberately using human shields.”

Under the pretext of high ideals, the aim of the Zionist campaign is to debase the principles of morality and humanitarianism, to cynically portray morality as self-serving, and equate it with sympathy with “terrorism.” The aim is to lower the moral and civilized standards of all humankind and to cast doubt in world opinion on the ethics of all those who uphold the high road of civilization.

To this end, the Zionist campaign also convicts Messi using the McCarthyite tactic of guilt by association with Qatar, which is the ally of Israel in the terrorist war against the Syrian Arab Republic.

The liberal Zionist newspaper, , without mentioning the numbers of innocent Palestinian children whose life has no meaning, nor any of their names, reported on August 25:

“Take a look at that boy, Daniel Tregerman, [sic] wearing the national jersey of the best player in the world,” wrote Tel Aviv resident Liran Cohen on his Facebook page on Friday. “As you can see, you were Daniel’s hero. He was killed today, by a mortar which was fired by Hamas, the terror organization your team’s #1 sponsors is sponsoring. Is this what you stand for?”

Cohen was referring to Qatar Airways, sponsor of Barcelona. Qatar has been the main backer of Hamas, along with Turkey, on the diplomatic front since the conflict broke out.

The post went viral, garnering over 5,000 ‘Likes’ and 1,000 shares. Many Israelis have tweeted photos of Tragerman in his Argentina shirt, tagging Messi as well.

Messi has yet to respond on his Facebook page, nor has he made any further comments on the conflict in Gaza since August 7.

A reading of Lionel Messi’s message shows that he did not explicitly refer to children by their national or religious origin.

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