Women defend their place in sports

The Olympic Solidarity Conference, Women in Sports, was inaugurated October 29, in Havana, with the attendance of specialists from across the country, reported Prensa Latina.

Supported by the Cuban Olympic Committee’s Women’s and Sports Committee (COC) and national educational leadership of the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER), the event aims to expand knowledge regarding the different areas of physical activity and sports in which women participate.

In his welcome speech the Montreal 1976, 200 and 800 metre sprint champion, Alberto Juantorena, highlighted the importance of Cuban women in sports and their role within this sphere.

Arnaldo Rivero Fuxá, educational director of INDER, emphasized the immediate impact of the event, during which participants will make a thorough examination of women in all areas of sport.

Provincial directors, scientists, academics, coaches, outstanding athletes, among others, will meet through November 1, to address all areas in which women can increase their participation, with the potential to further develop, stated Rivero.

These experiences will prepare current and future directors, from a technical and sporting perspective, and in effective management methods, demonstrating that women are more than capable of carrying out these functions, he emphasized.

Also present at the inauguration ceremony were Sciences Phd. Ana María Morales, head of the Women and Sports Department at the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences, and first Latin American Olympic champion, former javelin thrower, María Caridad Colón, president of the COC Women and Sports Commission.

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