Racist fans halt Chilean soccer match

San Marcos player  Emilio Renteria (Photo: Twitter).

San Marcos player Emilio Renteria from Venezuela (Photo: Twitter).

teleSUR (Nov. 22) – This is the second time that Venezuelan striker Emilio Renteria has been targeted with racists chants.

A first division soccer game in Chile was suspended Saturday when fans reduced a player to tears with racists insults.

This is the second time that Chilean soccer fans have chanted racist abuse at black Venezuelan player Emilio Renteria, forward for San Marcos.

The insults began 47 minutes into the game, when Renteria was celebrating finding the net to put his team ahead. Although he was visibly shaken, the game continued until 71 minutes, when referee Julio Bascunan decided to halt the match as the racist chanting escalated.

The striker sadly is no stranger to racism on the pitch, having been victim to supporters of another team,

Earlier this montn in a match against O’Higgins, fans from the opposing side began yelling racial slurs at him from the stands, an incident that the Chilean government harshly criticized and that led to sanctions being placed on the club.

The National Association of Professional Football of Chile announced that a disciplinary tribunal would be held in connection with the events.

Renteria declined to comment after the match, but was accompanied as he left the stadium by San Marcos players and fans, who shouted messages of support.


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