American exceptionalism: Ussians proclaim football game between 2 US cities “world championship”

Hoisting the Super Bowl trophy aloft, billionaire owner Robert Kraft euphorically proclaimed his New England Pariots “world champions” for defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. Boston TV Channel 7 followed this hyperbole by proclaiming it “the greatest Super Bowl in history,” and even plugged the team as an “underdog.” No other country in the world plays football US-style. (Canadian football, though heavily Americanized, is derived from rugby.) Furthermore, openly alluding to the tragic terrorist attack of 9/11, Kraft played on the name “patriot,” as if his entertainment monopoly possessed “American values” emblematic of what is best in the USA. Kraft now has a net worth of $4 billion dollars and is the eighth richest owner in the NFL, Seattle is owned by Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder and worth about $17 billion, by far the richest in the league. Would Kraft shower praise on every other country in the world that does not play “football” in the US style of these “underdogs”? This corruption and chauvinism of American sport as exceptional is rampant and unexceptional.

It is worth remembering that, during the euphoric celebrations in the streets of Boston, when the Red Sox won the baseball “World Series” for the first time in history, the police shot and killed with  lethal rubber bullet, a young woman participating in a street celebration, in the name of maintaining “law and order.” Given the police shootings throughout the USA, a sport in which the USA has undeniable world supremacy, Bostonians foolishly planning to celebrate the latest “world championship” should watch out for their lives!


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