NFL: The rinky dink sports cartel – an unacknowledged scandal

Super-Bowl-X-blog480The crisis called “deflategate” and the media diversion around it has helped conceal another scandal in the US National Football League (NFL). On January 18, Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers in the semi final in the west to advance to the NFL’s self-styled “world championship.” It was played the same day as the controversial New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts game that gave rise to the “deflategate” controversy. The game, dominated by Green Bay, ended in a tie, due to a remarkable comeback by Seattle. That meant overtime. The game was decided in part by the flip of a coin.

Here is the NFL’s scheme of a level playing field: the team that wins a coin toss gets to pick one of two alternatives, possession or field direction to begin play.

If the team that wins the coin toss and gets possession and then either does not score or kicks only a field goal — in other words, the defence has managed to hold them to the 4th down – the defending team (the team that lost the coin toss) then gets the chance to go on offence.

During its possession, the offense must either tie or score a touchdown.

If they only manage to score a field goal and tie the score, the scenario is repeated.

If they fail to score, the team that kicked a field goal is determined to be the winner.

But! If team that wins the coin toss and then scores a touchdown, the game is deemed officially over. [1]

Seattle won the coin toss, went down the field and scored a touchdown. Green Bay was given no opportunity to match. The game was over. Seattle qualified for the Super Bowl, there ensuring its owner, billionaire Paul Allen of Microsoft and others, to reap the big score.

This is how a rinky dink league qualifies franchises for a billion dollar entertainment extravaganza called Super Bowl.

Although the game was played in Seattle, no-one asked if the home team supplied the coins for the frigging coin toss.

Seattle gained advancement to the NFL finals by successfully scoring a touchdown in the semi-final overtime against their opponent. But the opportunity to do so was granted on the basis of a subjective coin toss, whereby their opponent was given no opportunity to match.

The NFL version of a shoot-out is a crap shoot.

Game over, the broadcast network cut to Sunday night, prime time programming.

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