State funding guarantees physical education access for all Cubans

Cuba’s dedication to guaranteeing access to sports as a human right is shown by its large commitment of state funding. Sport, recreation and physical education are organized through the Cuba’s National Sports Institute (INDER) which receives 13 per cent of the country’s national budget. The functions of INDER include building sport and physical education infrastructure, coordinating necessary materials and overseeing sports equipment manufacturing not to mention organizing sports activities as a whole. The President of INDER is also allotted a Ministerial post and is a member of the government cabinet. Today there is one physical education instructor for every 318 citizens, and each Cuban has an average of 3.5 square metres of sports facilities in which they can practice. More than 20 per cent of Cuban adults are engaged in organized physical activity, contributing to Cuba’s high average life expectancy of 79 years. Youth are also engaged in sports at a high level, and because sports is seen as the right of the people education and training for competitive sports is public and free of charge.

Source: Cuba Pan Am Games 2015

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