MLS and its money-grubbing Canadian franchises

Soccer CorporatizationYou really have to wonder about MLS and its leadership more and more every day, don’t you?

Having two weeks off between the conference semifinals and finals for an international break is just bad planning but at some level it was something they had no say in.

But the money-grubbing decision to shift Game 1 of the Toronto-Montreal series from Stade Saputo to the Big Owe in Montreal not only shows a callous disregard for the players and fans, it’s just a blatant attempt to stuff the pockets of the owners and league.

Saputo has grass, I’ve covered a game there and it’s a nice little park where the fans are right on top of the action, just a fine place to watch a game.

The Olympic Stadium? It’s got fake grass set down on cement for the most important soccer game of the year, players are already complaining about the surface and it’s cavernous.

I don’t know how many people they expect at the game tonight, I presume it’ll be the largest crowd of the year by far, but to expect a high-quality match on a second-class pitch is ridiculous.

Shame on that league and on Montreal ownership for cheating both players and fans.

Now, the possibility of howls of protest in Toronto next week when they have to play soccer on the same field that might get chewed up by the Grey Cup on Sunday are real.

But at least its grass and a real park.

– Doug Smith in the Toronto Star

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