Sighting. Sport and nature: a perfect combination

Enjoy some of the moments of the Titan Tropic Cuba …

Sport and nature: a perfect combination (+ photos)
Cyclists pedaling for stage four-Viñales Viñales (73 km), in Pinar del Rio, the first edition of the Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES of Mountain Bike. (Calixto Llanes / Juventud Rebelde)

(12/12/2015) – 140 cyclists from 13 nations take part in the challenge Titan Tropic of Mountain Bike

According to Victor Mur, head of Press and Communications Spanish group RPM Events introducing this competition supported by the Cuban Cycling Federation, the event is as Titan Desert younger brother who for a decade was to stage the sands of Morocco. In its edition in Cuba organizers bet on the Caribbean atmosphere of the Greater Antilles, where the lush vegetation, hills, streams, and breathtaking views combined.

The riders will have the support of different organizations and local governments, the participation of local people, especially children and youth, as a way to promote this type of cycling.

For Cuba José Mujica, head of Classic Guantánamo-Havana route this year involved. Rounding out the hosts coaching the expedalista Lizardo Benitez Alvaro Soca, Cesar Rodriguez and Yasmani Balmaceda and Danay Martínezy Olga Echenique.

Enjoy some of the images that leaves the edition of this colorful challenge based on the hills of Pinar del Rio:

Cubahora (December 12) – During the five days of Titan Tropic Cuba , the photojournalist Calixto Llanes newspaper Juventud Rebelde caught unique moments that reflect the hardness of the test and the beauty of the land Pinar del Rio, home of the circuits.

Heat, rain and gears on bicycles were some of the conditions fared better champions in the elite categería this edition: the Cuban Olga Echenique (f) and Colombian Diego Alejandro Tamayo (m).

According to the site the coffee rider gave a proven track record in the competition, winning the first two stages and the podium in each of the remaining three plots, including the last one between Viñales and Jutias (68 kilometers). While Echenique scored a very important result in his short career, now facing a new challenge because no competitive experience accumulated in this type of conflicts.

Enjoy some of the images caught by the lens of Calixto Llanes, a sample of the excellent combination of nature and sports.

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