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Impunity of the NFL

By SALLY JENKINS, Washington Post

(May 10) – Read the latest legal filings against the NFL and the question that comes to mind is, where are the cops when you need them? There is direct evidence that the NFL’s medical personnel knowingly engaged in illegal painkiller abuses, yet federal law enforcement and other government arms have sat conspicuously on their hands, and have yet to issue so much as slap a wrist to the league. What’s needed and deserved here is a smack with a big stick. Continue reading

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Five Cuban players sign with Can-Am league

Five Cuban baseball players that will participate in the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball (Can-Am) League, signed their respective contracts on May 5, in the protocol lounge of Havana’s Latinoamericano Stadium.

Pitcher Lázaro Blanco, and infielders Yurisbel Gracial and Yordan Manduley will be representing Les Capitales de Québec; while Miguel Lahera, also a pitcher, will play alongside shortstop Alexander Ayala in the ranks of Les Aigles de Trois-Rivières
According to Michel Laplante, Can-Am vice president, outfielder Julio Pablo Martínez will join the Quebec franchise at a later date, given delays processing his visa.

Speaking to the press gathered at the stadium, Manduley stated, “Last year I was only able to participate in two games, and now I’ll try to repay the team for the trust they have placed in me after signing me again.”

For his part, Blanco hopes that his participation in the league will help raise his level of play, “It’s a challenging league with a higher level than that of the National Series. I still don’t know if I’ll be playing as an opener or reliever.”

Finally, Gracial noted,“I played as shortstop after Manduley was injured in the previous season, but now I hope to play third-base as usual, and contribute more in the way of offence and defence.”

Meanwhile, it was also announced that another four players are set to join the ranks of Can-Am league teams, including receiver Yulexis La Rosa, shortstop Yorbis Borroto, and pitchers Ian Rendón and Noelvis Entenza.

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