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The NFL’s Spartacus moment

Colin Kaepernick would be playing in the NFL if it weren’t for his views | RICK SALUTIN

On the non-metaphorical level, it’s clear Colin Kaepernick, if it weren’t for his protests during the U.S. anthem, would be playing in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns have run through 25 lesser quarterbacks in 18 years. This year they started with three, who’d never won an NFL game. They still haven’t. Continue reading

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Understanding the link between brain disease and American football

Study links frequent blows to the head experienced by American football players to brain disease. Are changes in players’ health policies needed?

Photo: Andy McLemore/Flickr

By Mads A. Wickstrøm

Researchers from Boston University have recently investigated the relationship between American football players and cases of the degenerative brain disease, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). In a study of 202 football players whose brains were donated for research, a high proportion had evidence of CTE, suggesting that CTE may be related to prior participation in football. Continue reading

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