The inaugural Hope Solo Sore Losers Olympic Medal goes to the CBC

2016.08.19.100 4x100 relay


(August 20, 2016, first posted on Facebook by Tony Seed) – In its post-race coverage of the men’s 4×100 relay race at the Rio Olympics, CBC Olympic anchor Scott Russell and fellow CBC broadcasters repeatedly recalled several instances – the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, the London 2012 Olympics, etc. – when the Canadian national men’s team had been “robbed” of a medal. In a final wrap-up late Friday, August 19, on The National, senior correspondent Adrienne Arsenault pontificated from the CBC newsroom in Canada that “at the London Olympics the team was stripped of its medal. Now, finally, justice has been done.”

The Canadian sprinters had won the bronze, with a national record 37.64 seconds. Canada was elevated to third place after the U.S. men’s relay did it again, being disqualified after crossing the line in third place in the men’s 4×100.

What we are given to explain it all is not journalism but divine intervention.

After each competition in which Canada wins a medal, it seems obligatory for the Canadian athletes to climb into the stadium for an interview with the insufferable Scott Oake. His prepared script last night was also based on the concocted thesis that the sprinters must be feeling “redemption” after losing through disqualification.

The athletes refused to sink to that level. “It is what it is,” replied Andre De Grasse. They stressed that the medal was a testament to their hard work in training, their coach and their collective team-work.

Nevertheless, CBC headlined its article on its website, “Andre De Grasse anchors Canada to relay redemption after USA DQ’d.”

“Redemption” is a well-know religious concept implying divine intervention. Redemption is defined as follows:

“the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
“God’s plans for the redemption of his world”
synonyms: saving, freeing from sin, absolution
“God’s redemption of his people”

At no time did the CBC explain that the Canadian teams – which were composed of different sprinters – had lost by breaking the rules and that the teams with a podium finish had won fair and square. Whether consciously or not, the Canadian teams violated well known rules of competition which, in and of itself, can be equated with “error” but hardly “sin” or “evil.” Instead the chauvinist CBC insinuates that Canada was robbed of a medal, but “I’m alright Jack” because “now, finally, justice has been done.”

“God’s redemption of his people!”


Hope Solo was the goalkeeper for the U.S. Women’s soccer team, who infamously called Sweden a “bunch of cowards” for its defensive tactics after it eliminated the United States from the Rio Olympics. She is also alleged to have assaulted her sister and 17-year old nephew in June of this year. In the run-up to the Games, she posed with various anti-mosquito products, contributing to the propaganda about the Vika virus epidemic. In turn, Brazilians taunted Solo with boos and apparent chants of “Zika!” when she had the ball.

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