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Basketball: Organized cheating and corruption by US universities

Here is the case in a nutshell

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Basketball: US documents detail high-profile schools in organized cheating

Court docs in the college hoops corruption case spell out who ASM Sports paid and how much | Yahoo Sports

As the 2018 edition of “March Madness,” the premier, billion-dollar US college basketball tournament comes to a close on April 2 in San Antonio, Texas, what’s rarely mentioned in the ballyhoo is the latest US college basketball scandal. The media blackout can be contrasted to the hysteria over Russian Olympic athletes, although both cases allegedly involved organized cheating. Further, one of the targets of the US investigation is the German Adidas sportswear monopoly while not a word is breathed about its competitors such as Nike, etc. It is a typical case in which the real perpetrators, who are the people at the top of the corporate university organized in the NCAA, a sports cartel, are cast as the victims who have been taken advantage of. And the actual victims, who are the young high school and college athletes at the very bottom of the system, are cast as the perpetrators. 

Reporters Pete Thamel and Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports “viewed hundreds of pages of documents” they say detail payments from people at the centre of the scandal.

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Cuban long jumper youngest man to win field event at world indoor athletics championships

Juan Miguel Echevarria’s leap of 8.46 metres was a personal best as he won gold in the men’s long jump at the world indoor athletics championships.

Cuba's Juan Miguel Echevarria celebrates after winning the long jump at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, England.

Cuba’s Juan Miguel Echevarria celebrates after winning the long jump at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, England | MICHAEL STEELE/ GETTY IMAGES FOR IAAF

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Canadian women’s national team: the myth of small town hockey


Is this small town hockey? |


A Maclean’s Magazine article by Aaron Hutchins asks “What can our big cities learn from Ste. Anne, Man.?” in regards to producing “a women’s hockey juggernaut, brought to you by small cities and towns.”  Of the 23 players on the national women’s team, none of them hail from any Canada’s five largest cities, which together account for 21 per cent of the Canadian population. Instead, 17 are from hometowns of less than 250,000 people. The article is an ode to the virtues of smaller communities for athlete development, focusing on increased ice time, less structured play on outdoor rinks, and even being safer. While there is some truth to these arguments (but not the safety one, the opposite is actually true; though nowhere in Canada is as dangerous as people often imagine), this romanticization is quite misleading. Continue reading

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