England’s ‘redemption.’ But who is singing?

The virtuous English are the greatest divers and fifth-rate thespians. In the World Cup game today against Colombia, the American referee Mark Geiger flashed yellow when an English player dived during a penalty kick; the band in the stands unashamedly tried to play “Rule Britannia” and “God Save the Queen” (in Russia!) – but who was singing? England threw its match in the opening round against Belgium allegedly “to rest players” and avoid meeting Brazil later in the knock-out stage; even then the “rested” players began to expire against Colombia around the 80th minute – but who was singing? The English advance after 120+ minutes in a shoot out due to two feet (Uribe and Bacca’s) not their own – but who is singing? The BBC, invoking divine delusions, calls it all “redemption” for English defeat upon defeat at the World Cups.

Colombia conceded 23 fouls in Tuesday’s tense clash, compared to England’s thirteen. The Latin American squad was shown six out of the eight yellow cards. Geiger also awarded England a spot kick | © REUTERS / Christian Hartmann

Tony Seed, Facebook, 3 July 2018


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