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Disabled NFL players are sacrificed in 10-year deal

The former N.F.L. player Ed O’Neil, 67, left, will see an estimated $1,400 increase to his monthly pension, but his son, Keith, also a former pro, will lose $2,339 in benefit payments. “Where is the thought process of taking away from guys who can’t work?” Ed O’Neil said | Libby March for The New York Times

(March 25) – Ed O’Neil left the N.F.L. four decades ago, and over the years he has spent less and less time following professional football. He joined the league in 1974 as a first-round draft pick of the Detroit Lions, and he learned last week that as part of the new, 10-year collective bargaining agreement, he and thousands of other former players will get bumps in their pensions. For O’Neil, who is 67 and began drawing on his pension three years ago, that could mean about $1,400 more per month. Continue reading

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Economic crisis from virus pandemic begins to bite in European football

Barcelona‘s Lionel Messi 

(AFP, March 26) – Europe may be the financial powerhouse of global football, but the economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic is already beginning to hit and the consequences could be disastrous for clubs across the continent. Continue reading

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Olympics president: ‘Of course, we are considering different scenarios’

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US sports stars train with Israeli military

By Michael F. Brown

American football player Hunter Henry of the Los Angeles Chargers visited Israel and occupied East Jerusalem earlier this year and offered his view on Armageddon | Scott Winters, Sportswire

For the immediate future, major professional team sports are done. There are no live games to watch or attend. Continue reading

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