‘We are already more than a thousand to run or jog at home this Sunday, and they continue to add’

Elite Canadian sport federations have been brought to their knees by the pandemic. In contrast, Alberto Juantorena, president of the Cuban Athletics Federation, is convening an international virtual amateur race through social media.

Home race

ACN (April 17) – The virtual race called by the organizing committee of the Varadero Half Marathon, scheduled for this Sunday in Cuba, today registers nearly a thousand registered participants.

Convened by Alberto Juantorena, president of the Cuban Athletics Federation, in recent days through social networks, the initiative has had the support of many people, whose intention is to take part in the third version of the fair scheduled for the end of March, Prensa Latina reports.

With the permanent call to stay at home, the initiative invites participants to run or jog in the place but from the homes and sharing it on social platforms, to stimulate the social isolation so necessary to control the expansion of COVID-19.

Registrations from countries such as Mexico, Spain, Colombia, the United States, Venezuela, Italy and Germany, in addition to all Cuban provinces, confirm the success of the strategy.

Sport personalities such as Yipsi Moreno, María Caridad Colón, Javier Sotomayor, Dayron Robles and Ana Fidelia Quirot have confirmed their participation in open support for the fight against this pandemic.


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