Bats for Cuban baseball

CUBACAN 6060 APPEAL, Canadian Network on Cuba

To say the pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone is a gross understatement and this is true especially for Cuba with the cessation of its critical tourism economy.

When you add the strengthening of the illegal, 60-year blockade of Cuba by Trump, we have a very “imperfect” storm.

Cuba will need at least 600 baseball bats for the next National Series, which begins on September 12th, but because of the blockade and the Covid pandemic, are unable to afford them. They have asked Canadian friends to assist in their acquisition. Bill Ryan, a long time Canadian supporter of Cuban baseball has taken on the task of helping Cuba in this by making these bats with his simple lathe. Bill has made bats for Cuba in past and the Cubans believe that these bats are as good as any they’ve purchase elsewhere and at a fraction of what would otherwise cost over $75,000.

The purchase of these bats makes it clear how important baseball and the Series are to the government and to the people of Cuba. During these exceptional times, people require an outlet. For many Canadians it is sport. It is ice hockey and for some, soccer and for others, baseball. For Cubans, it is baseball and baseball and…well, baseball is their passion.

Every dollar raised will reduce their debt and can be freed up for other purposes, like fighting Covid 19.

The Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC), a near 20 member Canada-wide Cuba solidarity organization, has agreed to support the fundraising for this Cubacan 6060 Project.

Why 6060? This will be 60th year for the National Series. In addition, the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) will celebrate their 60th Anniversary in September. Every bat will include both the CDR 60th Anniversary logo and the 60th Series baseball logo. The CNC is urging individuals and groups to donate funds to buy these bats.

Bill Ryan has generously agreed to donate 100 bats to start the drive. This leaves another 500 bats that need to be funded.

Hopefully, Canadian generosity and solidarity will further reduce the cost to Cuba for its National Series baseball. The CNC has agreed to promote fundraising for this important initiative, and to receive donations for this Cubacan 6060 project given that the US government blockade has stopped GoFundMe from receiving funds to assist Cuba. The CNC encourages both individuals and groups to “buy bats for Cuba”. One bat $50, small box of 4, $200 or box of 8, $400. and a box of 16 bats, – a bat for every team playing in the Series, – for $800. Of course, any cash donation is most welcome.

To contribute to the CUBACAN 6060, and support Cuban Baseball, write a cheque to the Canadian Network on Cuba, with a note in the memo line – Bats and mail it to:

CNC – c/o Sharon Skup, 56 Riverwood Terrace, Bolton, Ontario L7E 1S4.

Donations can also be made via E-transfer (

For complete instructions and to complete a pledge form, go to the Cubacan website, or write Sharon Skup at:

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide charitable tax receipts. We acknowledge your funds donated with a receipt and our heartfelt thanks.

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