Super Covid-spreader in Toronto

Jurassic Park in Toronto, April 16.

Throughout the week, the media plugged the opening by monopoly Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) of its closed square outside Scotiabank Centre to watch its Raptors franchise in the NBA playoffs as well as Maple Leaf NHL tailgate parties. The square features a giant video screen. The Toronto Star headline of April 12 which urged “Calling all Raptors fans: Jurassic Park is back for the NBA playoffs, Saturday” was typical of its free commercial advertising. The social responsibility was such that the public was not even asked to wear masks. The Star assured the public, “To enter the square on Saturday, fans simply had to preregister online to get a free mobile pass to decrease lineups and wait times.”

On April 16, it ran a reader’s poll, “Have your say: Are you going to watch the NBA playoffs from Jurassic Park?” Nineteen per cent responded, “No. I’m not tailgating with COVID-19 cases rising in Toronto.”

Nevertheless, the same day a half page article ballyhooed “Jurassic Park makes an anticipated return in Toronto for Raptors Payoff run.”

The increase in Covid cases in Toronto amounts to approximately 1,000 a day. In my building there are three cases; all had been vaccinated. Since March 20202 we have heard nothing except “we are all in it together” and the necessity to follow public health protocols. It was pushed at us by the mass media and by the sports cartels especially the NBA, which initially locked down its arenas, and virtually every member of the big business class. It was the answer to all our problems. Now magically all the measures that were supposed to protect the public are being abandoned by the authorities and narrow supranational private interests.

No matter how many times officials from sport agencies insist that sport is out of politics, in fact it has long been politicized, since this is a matter of large financial costs, commercial advertising and the image of the state. On April 9, Canadian Press proclaimed “Toronto businesses hopeful as stadiums fill up for first time since pandemic.” Bear in mind that MLSE is co-owned by two telecommunication monopolies, Bell Media and Rogers and the latter owns Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays. The coddling of the US sports cartels and the creation of euphoria and social indifference is facilitated by the authority which exists at the federal and provincial levels which is self-serving. Any consideration for the well-being of the people and the polity has been replaced with posturing, in-fighting and paying the rich schemes. Everyone is to fend for themselves as a result of the very rich putting the decision-making power and agencies of the state at their disposal. 

St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto issued the following advisory on April 16: “As we continue to navigate this 6th wave, we strongly recommend wearing masks in public places, avoiding closed, crowded spaces, frequent hand washing, and staying home when you are sick. Please reach out to our clinics if you have health questions or concerns. We are here to help and support.”

It added: “In a high-risk category, you should try and have a small supply of Rapid Antigen Test (RATs) at home. We have RAT kits at our clinics and you do not need to call or make an appointment to pick up a kit. You can walk in and pick a kit from our screeners or get a RAT kit from a location close to home.”

Photo Steve Russell, Twitter

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  1. ian

    guess they all are going die then honk honk


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