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Latest inductees to US Pro Football Hall of Fame condemn injustices

Bailey’s speech came two days after another inductee, former safety Ed Reed, was spotted at the Hall of Fame game wearing a shirt with the faces of nine black Americans killed in recent years, including Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner | JOE ROBBINS/GETTY IMAGES

(August 4) – On Saturday, Champ Bailey, who was one of eight former players and league executives inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, devoted part of his nationally televised speech to urge white Americans to pay attention to the injustices black Americans face.

“We say this to all of our white friends: When we tell you about our fears, please listen,” Bailey said at the enshrinement ceremony in Canton, Ohio. Continue reading

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Russian beauty and Gaelic football

You might not know a thing about Gaelic football, a traditional Irish sport. But not only is it both fun and difficult, Russia now has its FIRST EVER female national GAA team! And today, it plays its first-ever game at the GAA World Games in Ireland.

Ahead of their departure to Dublin, Raw Take witnessed their final training session, took part in it, and learnt the traits of this unique sport!

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How mafia and corruption scandals rocked Italian football

High-profile cases of corruption, ticket touting and match fixing have led Italians to lose faith in the beautiful game, writes criminologist Anna Sergi.

Juventus has been struck by scandals | Andrea di Marco/EPA.

Football could be considered Italy’s most popular sport, with world-class teams worth billions attracting a dedicated following across the country. But more than that, football shapes the nation’s collective identity, bringing people from the smallest village to the biggest city together in their love for “the beautiful game”.

But over the past decade, media investigations and research have uncovered an unseemly lack of virtue within the industry. Mafia infiltration and corruption have come to characterise Italian football to the point that malpractice, deviance and criminal behaviour might seem to be the norm. Continue reading

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Marta extends her legend

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Women’s World Cup underway in France

Facing a formidable United States attack, Chile’s Christiane Endler was called upon to make key saves from the first minute of Sunday’s game | Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

The 2019 International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) women’s football world cup is underway in France with 24 countries participating in the games. The world cup will end on July 7. Host country France won the first match of the eighth edition of the world cup against South Korea. Canada has won its first two matches. Continue reading

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Venezuela beats US football team 3-0 prior to Copa America 2019

The national Venezuelan team showed a well-played football with few to no mistakes, finishing the match on Sunday with a confidence-boosting victory of 3-0 in a friendly game in Cincinnati.

Salomon Rondon has become Venezuela’s historic top-scorer with 24 overall goals | @foetball247

(June 9) – The Venezuelan national football team stunned their United States counterpart on Sunday with a confidence-boosting victory of 3-0 in a friendly match in Cincinnati, as part of preparatory games for Copa America 2019. Continue reading

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How a fake story about Cristiano Ronaldo donating €1.5 million to Palestinians for Ramadan spread

Poster of Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Palestinian Ahmed Dawabsha, 5, who met in Spain in 2016 one year after Dawabsha survived an arson attack on his West Bank home in Duma, in which both of his parents and infant brother were killed by Israeli extremists. The poster reads in Arabic, ““Thanks Madrid .. Thanks Ronaldo,” Yarmouk Stadium, Gaza City, March 27, 2016 | Ashraf Amra

By Nicolas Sawaya*

Did Cristiano Ronaldo really donate €1.5 million to Palestinians for Ramadan? The short answer: no. The long answer, however, is more interesting. Continue reading

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