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The sports industry, a gulf separates two worlds

(July 9) – Lightweight footwear under one hundred grams; swimsuits designed by experts in hydrodynamics that “cut” through the water with maximum efficiency; sensors placed in different accessories that calculate heart rate and provide other real time information; rackets that reduce vibration transfer resulting from the impact of the ball…  Continue reading


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Basketball: Organized cheating and corruption by US universities

Here is the case in a nutshell

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Basketball: US documents detail high-profile schools in organized cheating

Court docs in the college hoops corruption case spell out who ASM Sports paid and how much | Yahoo Sports

As the 2018 edition of “March Madness,” the premier, billion-dollar US college basketball tournament comes to a close on April 2 in San Antonio, Texas, what’s rarely mentioned in the ballyhoo is the latest US college basketball scandal. The media blackout can be contrasted to the hysteria over Russian Olympic athletes, although both cases allegedly involved organized cheating. Further, one of the targets of the US investigation is the German Adidas sportswear monopoly while not a word is breathed about its competitors such as Nike, etc. It is a typical case in which the real perpetrators, who are the people at the top of the corporate university organized in the NCAA, a sports cartel, are cast as the victims who have been taken advantage of. And the actual victims, who are the young high school and college athletes at the very bottom of the system, are cast as the perpetrators. 

Reporters Pete Thamel and Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports “viewed hundreds of pages of documents” they say detail payments from people at the centre of the scandal.

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On Man U’s record revenues

© Clint Hughes

© Clint Hughes / AFP

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NBA to sell corporate ads on jerseys

nascar-logo.2(April 16) – It seems there is no sphere of human endeavour and nature that capital does not strive to exploit.

If the NBA can sell it, they will. It is becoming harder and harder to escape its commercialization. As part of the commodification of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, the ESPN sports network even aired a national MLK Day NBA game. Continue reading

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Nazi origins of Adidas and Puma tennis shoes

Sneakers, Nazis, and a family feud. Two German brothers battled each other to build the Puma and Adidas empires

Review of Sneaker Wars: The Enemy Brothers Who Founded Adidas and Puma and the Family Feud that Forever Changed the Business of Sport Continue reading


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The owners of the game

An excerpt from the 1995 book “Soccer in Sun and Shadow.” EDUARDO GALEANO

Flags of FIFA (2nd R) and Conmebol (R) are pictured outside the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil May 28, 2015.

Flags of FIFA (2nd R) and Conmebol (R) are pictured outside the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil May 28, 2015 | Photo: Reuters

FIFA, who has its throne and holds court in Zurich, the International Olympic Committee, which rules from Lausanne, and the ISL Marketing company, who conducts its business from Lucerne, manages the World Cup and the Olympics. As we can tell, these three powerful organizations maintain their head offices in Switzerland, a country made famous due to William Tell’s marksmanship, the precision of its watches, and religious devotion to bank secrecy. Coincidentally, all three hold an extraordinary degree of shame when it comes to the money that passes through their hands, and the money that remains in their hands. Continue reading

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