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Child’s play: Kids’ physical activity levels are plummeting during pandemic

Professor Sarah Moore’s children enjoying physical activity outdoor | Matt Kennedy

Have your kids been less physically active over the last few months? Well, they’re not the only ones. Yvette d’Entremont of the Halifax Examiner interviewed Dalhousie University professor Sarah Moore, who led a national survey commissioned by ParticipACTION that shows kids’ activity levels have plummeted. The survey studied 1,500 children and youth in early April. Continue reading

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Bringing sport back includes important considerations for amateur and youth sports too

“Sport offers one of society’s great means of early social engagement, providing citizens across demographic lines opportunities for sustained and equitable participation,” write Cheri Bradish and Norm O’Reilly.

As fans rejoice in the planned return of their beloved professional sports leagues, another aspect of sport (one that hits closer to home), waits anxiously in the wings for its own return-to-play plan.

Amateur and youth sports.

The return of amateur and youth sports cannot be forgotten in the discussion to bring sport back into our lives. In these challenging times, the economic, social and psychological benefits of amateur sport may be more vital and necessary than ever. Continue reading

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‘We are already more than a thousand to run or jog at home this Sunday, and they continue to add’

Elite Canadian sport federations have been brought to their knees by the pandemic. In contrast, Alberto Juantorena, president of the Cuban Athletics Federation, is convening an international virtual amateur race through social media.

Home race

ACN (April 17) – The virtual race called by the organizing committee of the Varadero Half Marathon, scheduled for this Sunday in Cuba, today registers nearly a thousand registered participants. Continue reading

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Chess with the family… without leaving the house

The Cuban Chess Federation has an idea for a fun, educational way to spend some time with the family, staying home to help stop the spread of COVID-19: its first online tournament, using the platform www.lichess.org. Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Sport is dead – Long live sport!

The pandemic helped to see the real situation. People realize that sport, commercialized from top to bottom, occupied a disproportionately important place with us – and this is clearly not good for modern society. In fact, it turned into a new world religion, appropriating colossal funds, which are so sorely lacking in education, medicine, science and the social sphere. And it costs too much – even for the European Union and the United States| Andriy Manchuk Continue reading

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The Irish Rover: Building Moscow’s Gaelic football team

Members of the Moscow Shamrocks Gaelic football team.


For the last four years, the Moscow Shamrocks has brought a flavour of Ireland’s national sport to the people of the Russian capital.

Not to be confused with “English football” or “soccer,” Gaelic football uses 15 players per team in matches lasting 70 minutes. Players can bounce, kick or pass the ball to move it down the field, but can only travel for four steps while carrying the ball. Continue reading

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Is winning everything?


When I was a boy, I loved sports. Baseball was my passion, and I could be found in the backyard, even in the middle of winter, endlessly throwing a rubber-coated baseball into the air and hitting it as far as I could with my bat. I played organized ball from the age of nine to twenty-two, in Little League, Pony League, American Legion, High School, College, and in town leagues. When I began teaching, basketball became my new sports obsession, and I played seven days a week for many years. Continue reading

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Pond life

Continue reading

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Curious hockey fact & photo

Students reenact the 1886 hockey game between Queen’s and RMC in Kingston, Ont., in 1980 | Queen’s University Archives

The above photo comes from this Nick Faris story on the oldest hockey rivalry in the world: Queen’s University vs. Royal Military College, dating back to a wintry afternoon on Kingston, Ont.’s frozen harbour in 1886. The animosity has endured for 132 years, through arena fires, Stanley Cup challenge games, off-ice mischief and a whole lot of losing seasons on the part of RMC of the Department of National Defence, which trains officer cadre for the Canadian Forces. The svelte, century-old uniform seems to be an improvement on today’s expensive, padded armour! It raises the question: when did the private NHL owners introduce “goon hockey” and to what end?

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Fidel and baseball

Fidel inaugurated revolutionary Cuba’s First National Series | Granma archive

(December 7) – It was hard times, in January of 1962. The Revolution was struggling against internal and external enemies who threatened its very existence. The Cuban people defeated one attempt after another to return the country to the past, under the undisputed leadership of Fidel Castro Ruz.

Amidst so many responsibilities as head of the nation, Fidel always found a few moments to devote to sports, which had already begun a transformation the previous year, to become an activity enjoyed by the people on a massive scale. Continue reading

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