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Do cities gain from subsidizing sports teams?

fieldofschemes-BurnsRatnerThroughout Canada and the U.S., rich monopoly owners of professional sports franchises are demanding new arenas and stadia or “modernization” of existing venues with funds from the public  treasury. This drive is part of the neo-liberal, anti-social offensive that forms the agenda of the state. Funding is often cut for parks, libraries and amateur sport facilities – under the pretext of “creating jobs” or boosterism in “public-private partnerships” – so that these P-3 facilities may be used for private gain. The following article by Neil deMauseauthor of the Field of Schemes and a website by the same name, examines how U.S. teams like the Phoenix CoyotesIndiana Pacers, and Atlanta Falcons have extracted sweetheart leases that pay them millions of dollars a year in public “operating subsidies” even as their host cities slash public services and raise taxes. Continue reading

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