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Will Egan Bernal really make Colombia ‘one of the greatest cycling nations’?

Tour de France: Egan Bernal can make Colombia ‘one of the greatest cycling nations’

© Reuters / Christian Hartmann | Luisa Gonzalez

Egan Bernal is the toast of his country after becoming the first man from a Latin American nation to win the Tour de France, and his team boss Dave Brailsford of the British Ineos monopoly is promoting that the young cyclist’s success could start something big in Colombia.

The 22-year-old ensured that victory would be his by riding stronger than his closest rivals on the Alpine stages, before safely negotiating the 21st stage into Paris on Sunday July 28 and finishing more than a minute ahead of team-mate Geraint Thomas.

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Trump breaks Cuba-US baseball agreement

It is not news that the Trump administration has canceled the agreement signed by the MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation, on December 19, after three years of hard work by both parties.

And it is not because the agreement sought to end the human suffering of Cuban athletes. Continue reading

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We The ESPN, We The Scotiabank, We The North


Soccer CorporatizationThe start time of Friday night’s match between the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors held in Toronto was moved back to 8.00 p.m. at the dictate of the US ESPN sports cable TV network. [1] No one complained: Toronto made the big time in the US market. Toronto even won this game of the leading contenders in the NBA East and is 2-0 to start the season. “[Kawhi] Leonard, the team’s superstar newcomer,” reports the Globe and Mail, “was serenaded on a couple of occasions with chants of ’MVP, MVP’ by an adoring hometown crowd.”

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Here’s Johnny

A radio-controlled flying witch flies past a moon setting into clouds along the pacific ocean in Carlsbad, California

REUTERS/Mike Blake*


What about the neo-colonial mentality and behaviour of the monopoly sports media? Every foreign star who touches down in Canada is celebrated as some singular being, and Canadians are supposed to be blessed and thankful for the favour of paying to watch them perform.

Throughout the past week, the sports media has been hyping non-stop the first start of American football quarterback Johnny Manziel in the Canadian Football League. A former NFL first round draft pick, his two seasons with the Cleveland Browns were marred by off-field troubles including spousal abuse. He has not played since the end of the 2015 season. Continue reading

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Talent theft: Effects of US blockade of Cuba evident in field of sport


Focus-on-Cuban-Sport.HeaderOn July 15, 2015 the coach of Cuba’s rowing team to the Pan American Games, Juan Carlos Reyes, confirmed that four of Cuba’s rowers had left Canada for the United States. The Globe and Mail and other media outlets pounced on the story, reporting on it in a manner that sheds no light on the issue at the heart of this story. The impression is conveyed that those who abandon their team are “defectors,” a term reserved for those who flee oppression and persecution. This feeds a narrative which claims they are fleeing to freedom. Media reports speculated on the motivation of the rowers, using quotes from professional U.S. “recruiter” Joe Kehoskie, to cobble together a story that imposes the predetermined conclusions of a Cold War mindset. Continue reading


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Olympics: State-organized talent theft and mercantilism

Qatar's Marko Bagaric, left, tries to score past France's Ludovic Fabregas during the men's preliminary handball match between France and Qatar at the 2016 Summer Olympics on Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro | Ben Curtis/AP

Qatar’s Marko Bagaric from Bulgaria, left, tries to score past France’s Ludovic Fabregas during the men’s preliminary handball match between France and Qatar at the 2016 Summer Olympics on Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro | Ben Curtis/AP

August 10, updated August 19, 2016

Of the some 11,000 athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, an unknown number are competing for medal-hungry countries that are not their birth nation. At least 23 of Qatar’s 39 member team at Rio were born outside of Qatar and transplanted – recruited in many cases with the offer of financial inducements. The Canadian Olympic team also features a number of plastic or transfer athletes recruited through the “Own The Podium” program of private big capital for support and funding on the basis that they are “winners” and “America’s best who happen to have some kind of Canadian connection.” Such developments, all in the name of high ideals, should be of concern to Canadians.

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Why do we not play in the major leagues?

By Roberto Ramírez

(July 7, 2015) – As often happens at other events, the presence of the Cuban national baseball team in the XVII Pan Am Games leads fans and colleagues who are unaware of our reality to ask why its stars do not play in U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB).

And the question holds a certain logic since everyone sees the majors as the mecca of the sport, and the very media that promote the signing of multi-million dollar contracts as the realization of the so-called American dream do not talk about the reality that makes things so incredibly different for Cuba. Continue reading


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Illegal trafficking of Cuban baseball players

U.S.-based Cuban journalist Edmundo Garcia in March 2012 wrote about the problem of Cuban baseball players being caught up with unscrupulous human traffickers in the Dominican Republic, with their ultimate destination the U.S. major leagues. Garcia cited a front page story on March 10, 2012 in the Dominican newspaper Listín Diario entitled “Edgar Mercedes arrested for trafficking Cuban baseball players.” Continue reading

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US embargo still punishes Cuban baseball players



Yoan Moncada, the 19-year-old Cuban baseball phenom, agreed on February 23 to sign with the Boston Red Sox. He is the latest talent from the baseball-crazy nation to join the Major Leagues. Moncada will receive a $31.5 million signing bonus, which should make him financially secure for life. But because of the U.S. government’s continued economic war on the Cuban people, in the form of the 54-year-old embargo, Moncada – unlike MLB prospects from any other country on the planet – will be forced to surrender residency in his native land to realize his professional dreams. Continue reading

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US blockade: The war on Cuban sports

Australia, Canada, France, Germany and, of course, the USA have gleefully participated in this talent theft, not only from former and present socialist countries but from poor countries in general. “The blockade is far more than an embargo. It is an economic and political war against the island, and a war against its sport. Through this, it attempts to spread dissension amongst the people and turn them against their government.”

bloqueo(Sept. 28, 2013) – THE economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba resulted in the loss of 1 million 70,000 US dollars to the amateur sports in that country just last year alone.
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