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2015 Pan American Games in Toronto: Virtue and homeland

Athletes from participating countries and volunteers fill the field at the closing ceremonies of the Pan Am Games in Toronto, July 26, 2015 | I. Rupus


If life in our troubled world went on in the peace and harmony of the XVII Pan American Games, we would see less war, evil and ruthless ambition.

An event such as this, in which 83 Pan Am Games records were set, requires logistics that only those who make the art of organization their raison d’être are able to guide from start to finish.

Canada is proud today, because when it went out to raise the army of volunteers needed for various tasks, more than 60,000 people came forward to be selected, and of these only a third were chosen. Continue reading


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Stadium’s funding worthy of red card

Spend cash on kids, not millionaires


OUR three levels of government feel obliged to drum up a photo op to illustrate that they have honoured their commitments to building Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s cash-grab soccer stadium on the CNE grounds.

It’s just another layer of BS around a wasteful and unnecessary project. Continue reading

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