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The 1978 World Cup: Operation Cóndor against Cuba


Triumph for the junta? Argentine dictator General Videla presents the 1978 World Cup to home captain Daniel Passarella

HAVANA (5 October 2012) – IN the 1978 World Football Cup, Argentina beat Peru by 6-0, thus removing a considerable rival. That win swung the balance toward the Argentine team’s aspirations. Just four days later, a 3-1 victory over Holland gave them the championship.

The result of the Argentine-Peru game was classified as highly controversial in football history. Virtually nobody believed the story of the thrashing, and life gave the right to the doubters. It is now known that the Peruvian dictator Francisco Morales Bermúdez (1975-1980) ordered his country’s players to lose the game, as payment for a favour that he had asked of his Argentine counterpart, fellow dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, de facto president from 1976 to 1981. Continue reading


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