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Sangakkara’s challenge to cricket

Sangakkara’s attack on Sri Lanka’s cricket administration was not prompted by personal agenda but by concern for the game © Getty Images

The Sri Lankan’s speech at Lord’s should serve as a wake-up call to administrators to use the game to serve people, and not for selfish gains


Kumar Sangakkara has made the most important speech in cricket history. Brushing aside the twin temptations of romance and sentiment, the erudite Sri Lankan has dared to confront the truths about cricket in his country. Along the way he struck many meaty blows on the game’s behalf. His discourse was nothing less than a challenge to cricket to set higher standards for itself, to reject jealousy, pettiness and greed, and to become part of the enlightenment. Continue reading

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MCC Spirit of Cricket Lecture: Sangakkara slams ‘corrupt’ administration

Kumar Sangakkara has made an extraordinary, scathing attack on the “partisan cronies” at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) who have blighted the sport in his country and who led him to resign the captaincy after only two years in charge, following the World Cup final in April. Sangakkara was delivering the MCC Spirit of Cricket Lecture at Lord’s on Monday.

In an hour-long speech that earned him a standing ovation, Sangakkara charted the unique history of cricket in his country, and called on SLC to root out its corrupt practices and recognise the huge role the sport now needs to play in promoting reconciliation at the end of a 30-year civil war. Continue reading

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Cricket stamped with Murdoch footprint

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India’s cricket elite: an indictment

By MIKE MARQUSEE, Hindustan Times, 10 April 2005

Now that Indo-Pak cricket competition seems to be settling into something like a natural rhythm, it’s time to address some of the outstanding domestic issues facing Indian cricket.

The recent judgment by the Madras High Court in the TV rights imbroglio was a an indictment not just of Jagmohan Dalmiya and the current BCCI office-holders, but of an elite which has dismally failed in its duties to the game and the hundreds of millions who follow it in this country.

The only parallel in cricket’s history is the similarly scathing judgment handed down by a court in London in 1979 in the Packer affair, when a British judge denounced the governors of English cricket as amateurish, arrogant, and irresponsible. Indian cricket lovers should note that one of the reasons for cricket’s eclipse in its native land was inept management by an unaccountable, self-perpetuating elite. Continue reading

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On the game: How an India-Pak cricket cup came to be played … in Canada

Ruthless multinationals battling for media rights to transmit major sports events are whipping up nationalist aggression and raking in massive profits, says Mike Marqusee

What is the fiercest rivalry in today’s non-stop, televisual carnival of global sport? Rangers v Celtic? Real Madrid v Barcelona? The Yankees v the Red Sox? Could it be the 110-year-old Ashes battle between England and Australia? No. I would submit that none of these compares in emotional intensity, or in social and political resonance, with the cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan. It is today’s salient example of George Orwell’s definition of international sport as ‘war minus the shooting.’ That has made it a honeypot for multinational corporations, satellite television broadcasters and other players in the multibillion pound global sports industry, notably Mark McCormack and his International Management Group, the world’s largest and most aggressive sports marketing conglomerate. Continue reading

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‘Only on the Halifax Commons, you say? Pity!’



Dear Editor,

Your coverage of plans to host the Maritime Cricket Festival later this month at our usual weekly venue (“Chopra hoping cricket festival will help raise profile of sport”, Willy Palov, The Chronicle-Herald, July 12, p.D-3) was welcome and timely.

If I might just to clarify three things from the second paragraph of the article, however. It reported: “A native of India who moved to Canada 20 years ago, [Ranjeev] Chopra has been heavily involved in the local cricket scene… He and a number of other immigrants have been getting together at the Halifax Commons every Sunday to play the game that is a national pastime in their native countries but a fringe sport here in Nova Scotia.” Continue reading

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The Games and South Africa: What is the central issue?

By TONY SEED, Nova Scotia Cricketer, 1986

THE question of sporting links with South Africa has been a source of fierce controversy and clash in the international cricketing world for over a decade.

What has been obscured in all the hue and cry over whether Canadian athletes ought to compete in the Commonwealth Games is the central issue: where you stand.

Everyone from Otto Jelinek, the Cabinet Minister, to Alex Baumann, the swimmer, the local sports boo-hahs have spared no syllable in declaring the sports and politics do not mix. Continue reading

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