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Once again, US excludes Cuba from the Caribbean Series

Attacks on Cuban baseball are nothing new, and it is not surprising that the Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball (CBPC) has decided to forego our participation in the next Caribbean Series, in Puerto Rico, referring to supposed difficulties caused by the limited time available to process U.S. visas needed to travel to that nation. Continue reading

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Trump breaks Cuba-US baseball agreement

It is not news that the Trump administration has canceled the agreement signed by the MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation, on December 19, after three years of hard work by both parties.

And it is not because the agreement sought to end the human suffering of Cuban athletes. Continue reading

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Cuban Baseball Federation and MLB reach historic agreement

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Modern facilities to strengthen Cuban sports

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Fidel and baseball

Fidel inaugurated revolutionary Cuba’s First National Series | Granma archive

(December 7) – It was hard times, in January of 1962. The Revolution was struggling against internal and external enemies who threatened its very existence. The Cuban people defeated one attempt after another to return the country to the past, under the undisputed leadership of Fidel Castro Ruz.

Amidst so many responsibilities as head of the nation, Fidel always found a few moments to devote to sports, which had already begun a transformation the previous year, to become an activity enjoyed by the people on a massive scale. Continue reading

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Five Cuban players sign with Can-Am league

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Fidel Castro and baseball

His fastball has long since died. He still has a few curveballs which he throws at us routinely. – Nicholas Burns, U.S. State Department Spokesman


(August 18, 2016) – Most baseball fans tend to take their idle ballpark pastimes far too seriously. On momentary reflection, even a diehard rooter would have to admit that big-league baseball’s most significant historical figures – say, Mantle, Cobb, Barry Bonds, Walter Johnson, even Babe Ruth himself – are only mere blips on the larger canvas of world events. After all, 95 per cent (perhaps more) of the globe’s population has little or no interest whatsoever in what transpires on North American ballpark diamonds. Babe Ruth may well have been one of the grandest icons of American popular culture, yet little in the nature of world events would have been in the slightest degree altered if the flamboyant Babe had never escaped the rustic grounds of St. Mary’s School for Boys in Baltimore. Continue reading

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Cuban youth goodwill tour lands in New England

Cuban and US players watch batting practice from the field at Fenway Park

Cuban and US players watch batting practice from the field at Fenway Park


THEY CAME ON A GRAY, drizzly Sunday morning, on a bus from Canada after flying from Varadero, Cuba, following an 11-hour drive from the Cuban city of Holguin. Continue reading

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Cuba’s national baseball team plays in Canada and USA

Cuba’s national baseball team is in Canada from June 9 – 19 to play 10 games against the three Canadian teams in the Can-Am professional baseball league. All games will count towards Can-Am League standings. After its games in Canada, the Cuban team will play a further nine games against the three Can-Am teams based in the U.S. A final match will take place July 2 in Trois‐Rivières, Quebec between Cuba and the Japanese team Shikoku Island League All-Stars, who are playing regular season games against Can-Am teams at the same time as the Cuban team. Continue reading


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Why do we not play in the major leagues?

By Roberto Ramírez

(July 7, 2015) – As often happens at other events, the presence of the Cuban national baseball team in the XVII Pan Am Games leads fans and colleagues who are unaware of our reality to ask why its stars do not play in U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB).

And the question holds a certain logic since everyone sees the majors as the mecca of the sport, and the very media that promote the signing of multi-million dollar contracts as the realization of the so-called American dream do not talk about the reality that makes things so incredibly different for Cuba. Continue reading


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