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How the Cuban revolution turned a small island into an Olympic power


TeleSUR (Aug. 13) – With the highest record of Olympic medals in Latin America, Cuba owes its sports achievements to the socialist revolution.

The devastating U.S. blockade on Cuba, which has lasted for more than 50 years and includes restrictions on the nation’s sporting industry, has not stopped the island from becoming the most successful Latin American country in Olympics history and an example for the rest of the region and world.

Historically speaking, Cuba is by far and away Latin American leader in the Olympics: 209 medals in total, 79 gold, 67 silver and 70 bronze. Continue reading

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Cuban Olympic team: Our people deserve all the effort and joy we can offer them

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Women defend their place in sports

The Olympic Solidarity Conference, Women in Sports, was inaugurated October 29, in Havana, with the attendance of specialists from across the country, reported Prensa Latina.

Supported by the Cuban Olympic Committee’s Women’s and Sports Committee (COC) and national educational leadership of the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER), the event aims to expand knowledge regarding the different areas of physical activity and sports in which women participate. Continue reading

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The United States is the instigator of the anti-China campaign

According to the president of Cuban Olympic Committee

HAVANA (15 April 2008) – José Ramón Fernández, president of the Cuban Olympic Committee, has confirmed that the United States is leading the campaign against China and attempting to hinder the organization of the forthcoming Olympic Games.

In his opening speech at the start of the Fourth Cuban Olympiad, Fernández stated that “for the last few months, a fierce campaign has been underway to stage a boycott of the Olympic Games in Beijing and affect them in diverse ways. The instigator of this, the United States, is the very same country that is attempting to hurt the most sacred desires of the athletes, the main protagonists of this summer event.” Continue reading

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Cuba hopes for Olympic baseball reinstitution


San Diego, Mar 21 (Prensa Latina) – WITH its showing in the World Baseball Classic, Cuba hopes that baseball is reinstituted in the Olympic Games, starting with the London Olympics in 2012.

By decision of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, the sport of balls and strikes is scheduled to be played for the final time in Olympic competition during the Beijing Games in 2008. Continue reading

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Athletes’ drug use must stop


SUMMER is traditionally the high season for sports, filled with triumphs and records, joy and celebration, goals and dreams. In 1998, however, the high spirits of the season were dampened, perhaps more than ever, by the problem of drug use.

For the first time ever, for example, the law was forced to intervene in the Tour de France cycling race, with the winning team’s coaches and Italian racer Mapei taken into custody. Continue reading

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